Récupérer le script bash via curl ou wget sur https://sfc-repo.snowflakecomputing.com/snowsql/bootstrap/1.2/linux_x86_64/index.html et le nom du fichier est du type : snowsql-<version>-linux_x86_64.bash actuellement c'est la version 1.2.21

Pensez a donner les droits d’exécution au fichier, puis exécutez le fichier, cela donne :

 Installing SnowSQL, Snowflake CLI.

Specify the directory in which the SnowSQL components will be installed. [~/bin] /usr/local/bin
Do you want to add /usr/local/bin to PATH in /root/.profile? [y/N] y
Updating /root/.profile to have /usr/local/bin in PATH
Open a new terminal session to make the updated PATH take effect.
No prelink configuration folder is found: /etc/prelink.conf.d.
Skipping adding the prelink config for SnowSQL
If the system uses prelink, add snowsql to the exclusion list such that prelink won't alter the executable file.

sudo bash -c "echo '-b snowsql' > /etc/prelink.conf.d/snowsql.conf"
 Congratulations! Follow the steps to connect to Snowflake DB.

1. Open a new terminal window.
2. Execute the following command to test your connection:
      snowsql -a <account_name> -u <login_name>

      Enter your password when prompted. Enter !quit to quit the connection.

3. Add your connection information to the ~/.snowsql/config file:
      accountname = <account_name>
                username = <login_name>
                password = <password>

4. Execute the following command to connect to Snowflake:


See the Snowflake documentation <https://docs.snowflake.net/manuals/user-guide/snowsql.html> for more information.